About the Military Counter/Anticorruption Blog

Mission:  Build awareness within the military of the corruption threat to military operations and ways to respond.

Problem:  Corruption is prevalent around military operations because wartime conditions foster corruption.  Whether personnel are involved as a participating wrongdoer, inadvertent participant, or not at all–corruption in the operational environment threatens host nation stability and security, interfering with the people of a host nation taking control of their own affairs and accepting the government as legitimate.

Solution:  Combating corruption is difficult. There are few easy solutions. To be successful, the military must build a culture of integrity that promotes awareness of the problem and encourages personnel to speak up and act against corruption. Here is how to do it.

  • Assess corruption risk.
  • Lean more about corruption, and encourage others to as well.
  • Enable leadership that opposes corruption.
  • Obtain and organize help against corruption.

These recommended steps are loosely derived from programs that build integrity in a corporate setting.  Corporate anticorruption programs align with government standards, such as:

Corporate programs that meet or surpass these standards serve as a model for how organizations can respond to corruption, and are thus instructional for what the military can do too.


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